Tuesday, 8 January 2013

1 About me..

 When i was young, i've always wanted to be a model as it's every girl's dream to look beautiful but as i grow older as a person and don on the hijab, the urge for me to become a model sparks a whole new meaning.
Being a muslimah, maybe the oppurtunity to put yourself out there is smaller compared to the others but i don't believe that just because i am having a small piece of cloth on my head, it means that i can't make it happen.

I have worked with photographers who respect me and still appreaciate the art of what a muslimah model can contribute and being able to be a part of this is something words can't expressed.

For me, being a model and gaining all these new and fastastic experience is not only a way for me to enjoy the artistic point of life but to also carry a voice that everyone can make it if they try hard enough.

And it will be nice if i can let this wonderful experience grow and to gain priceless knowledge from people who are in this field.

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kofik syahroni said...

so what do you looking for .? i dont know what you've written about??